LOEWE ロヱベ日本展開50周年記念の映像に作品が登場


LOEWE ロヱベ日本展開50周年記念の映像に作品が登場します。


以下 LOEWEより転載

1846年に革小物に専心する職人の工房としてスペインのマドリードで創業したロエベは2023年、日本で事業を開始して50年を迎えました。ロエべの変わらない日本文化への憧れと敬意を込めて、日本人に古来から愛されてきた桜の木が芽吹き、枝を伸ばし、花咲くまでの姿に日本との50年を重ねた映像作品《50 Years of Sakura》を公開します。





Founded in Madrid in 1846, LOEWE celebrates 50 years since landing in Japan. This year, a new chapter unfolds with an homage to a tradition cherished among Japanese households for almost five decades; the Masquerade.

Inspired by Kanoko Okamoto’s poem Sakura (“You bloom with the fullest force of life / This moment I must absorb with all my might”), the story of a cherry blossom tree growing from sprout to full bloom portrays LOEWE and Japan’s fruitful fifty-year-long journey. Stage sets built from cardboard boxes create a raw feel and invite imagination. Everything is made possible by Kurokos; the backstage protagonists. The finale of the masquerade is crowned with a cameo appearance by acclaimed actor Yosuke Kubozuka.

With this half-century celebration, LOEWE presents a profound expression of love, respect and gratitude towards Japan and the Japanese people, with whom the brand is proud to continue creating a rich cultural dialogue.

LOEWE Japan 50th anniversary campaign